The Cafe at Hogacre Common

We are a pop-up vegetarian and vegan community Cafe, open on Sundays in the summer. Located in Hogacre Common Eco Park near the centre of Oxford, we put local, social, and environmental concerns at the heart of what we do. Explore our website, Facebook, and Instagram to see more.

We are looking for volunteers to join our Leadership Team as Managers - proactive, dedicated, and creative individuals who want to make a real difference for the local community and environment.

Managers will take on responsibilities in areas such as Kitchen, Food Hygiene, Events, Marketing, Social Media, Human Resources, Business and Social Impact Development – with support from each other and a team of volunteers.

Managers can specialise in one area, or take on a variety of responsibilities according to their own strengths and experience. Tasks will be shared within the team to suit different levels of time commitment, with a minimum of 4 hours per month expected from each Manager.

More details: see our recruitment document [pdf] [docx]
Please email to express interest by midnight [23:59] Monday 27th January 2020

Current Members of our Leadership Team

Minh Nguyen, Director of the Cafe, will continue to take on a wide range of responsibilities centred around Human Resources and Admin.

Hannah Davies, who managed our social media accounts in 2019, will be joining the Leadership Team with a focus on Marketing and Social Media.